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Welcome To Tribe Travels website where your exciting future adventure starts! Join our tribe and explore this amazing world and all it has to offer! Tribe Travels specializes in goabroad programs throughout the world including professional internships, volunteering programs, work & Travel, Ranchstay, language studies and adventure travel!

Tribe Travels is brought to you by a group of like minded people who have travelled all around the globe which has given the experience to separate itself from other organizations by only focusing on programs and destinations that are fun and unique but also help build your resume and life experience!

Why Join our Tribe?

We at Tribe Travel have travelled the entire globe and will keep doing so for many years to come to always be up to date about the great things this world has to offer. We have not just travelled through all these countries we have experienced and lived in these places as well. We firmly believe to get to know any country and to really get to appreciate the beauty of the area and its people you need to live there for a while.

Our programs focus on having you live, party, work and Learn in some of the most amazing countries of this world. Countries that we have personally vetted for and that have gotten our Tribes stamp of approval!

What will your next experience be? Will you join us and have the time of your life in Vancouver while improving your resume through an internship? Will you go in to the Amazon Rainforest and help assist Amerindian tribal communities with their struggle? Or will you join us in to work in the red Continent of Australia for all kinds of crazy fun and memorable moments that will last a life time?

Let us know and join our Tribe!


  • I volunteered for 6 weeks in Hawaii. My expectations of life and work in Hawaii have all met, or were even better than I thought! After the really long journey from Germany to Hawaii my host family I was picked up from the airport. My happiness is what the my home at the same time was also my job. On the first working me, all animals were first shown at the ranch and explains how we feed when.  Every person and every animal on the ranch is very close to my heart and gave me every day was great fun to volunteer at the project.  I can only recommend to to make this experience in Hawaii. It was just great.
    Janina Halm
    Janina HalmVolunteer
  • My time at the Wildlife Rescue Canada project was a great volunteer abroad experience! The animals were great and I got to work with so many different species! Also the we all lived to together as one big volunteer group family playing frisbee on the big field after work is a great ending to everyone’s hard working day. But also the area is wonderful, at the edge of a national park we are basically surrounded by nature.

    Lukas Schlenk
    Lukas SchlenkVolunteer
  • Volunteering at a remote little Makushi village in Guyana on the opposite side of the world to where i call home has been the best decision of my life to date. The villagers are warm and welcoming, as interested in you as you are in them. Being a volunteer rather then a tourist gave me the chance to really experience the culture and get to know the people, many of who i still keep in contact with. Working alongside the teachers in the small primary school is an experience i will never forget, there was a lot more laugher and fun then what i remember of my schooling! As well working in the school i was able to participate in camping and day trips along the river. The amount of wildlife i was able to view was amazing with baby Caiman being a highlight. This program was a once in a lifetime experience that i hope to do again soon!"

    Vicky Cousins
    Vicky CousinsVolunteer
  • Trevor Buller from Canada took part in our Amazon Guide volunteer program in Brazil:   The whole experience was amazing! They were such a loving family and i learned so much being with them. I picked up a whole lot of the portuguese too, which i'm using quite successfully in Paulinia, Sao Paulo, Brazil. If you want the full run down, i kept a log of my travels by posting in a blog everyday - I put a bunch of pictures there too. Anyway, hope you're doing well. We'll chat in person when i return the beginning of september!"  

    Trevor Buller
    Trevor BullerVolunteer

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Amazon Amerindian Volunteering Project Guyana!
Amazon Amerindian Volunteering Project Guyana!

Volunteer in Guyana one of the last unspoiled countries in this world and volunteer with Amerindian Tribes in the Amazon Rainforest. book before August 1st and receive a 15% disount!

Husky Ranch Volunteering Project Canada!
Husky Ranch Volunteering Project Canada!

Travel To Canada and join one of our Thrilling and exciting husky ranch volunteer projects! Start your program before the end of September and receive a 15% discount!

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